heads-up on handbrake cable mislabelling

DAK dak at rochester.rr.com
Tue Jun 24 11:27:29 EDT 2003

Having been through the e-brake cables on my '87 5KTQ (earlier grommet
style) and I replaced one on my '91 20v.
What seemed (to me) to be the bigger factor was the extra protection
that the newer cables have around the cable jacket. The old cables just
had the cable jacket with a plastic coating running through grommets.
The newer style has a rubber covering along the parts of the cable that
flex. It seems like that helps limit flex in the weak points near the
mounting blocks.
In my experience, the newer style holds up for far longer than the old
style and I don't think it is entirely due to the mountings. (though,
the grommets are thinner than the rubber blocks, so that creates more of
a stress point...)


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>>That's EXACTLY where the cable failed on the passenger side of the indigo
>  I'm not surprised, I've yet to see a block mount style more than a few years
> old thats not cracked at this point.
> Keith
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