after run turbo pump and high fan speed

Henry A Harper III hah at
Wed Jun 25 11:30:17 EDT 2003

After run sensor connectors are standard push-on/pull-off spades, just pull
straight down perhaps when you can use fingers instead of pliers. If pump
runs/fan comes on when you touch the wires together, the sensor is the weak
link - but as I have said before a time or three, unless I shut my car off
with the fan running and it's hot out, the after run won't turn on; it's
been this way since I  replaced the sensor when it wouldn't turn on at all.

Fan thermoswitch is at bottom of radiator, under the hose connections on
the side towards the engine. Resistor pack is the blue metal plate on
"frame rail" underneath radiator.

Do you have a Bentley manual yet? Sounds like you need one :)

Henry Harper hah at
1991 200 quattro, 119.9k
1988 GTI 16v, 236k

On Wednesday, June 25, 2003 9:58 AM, Lou.Martin at
[SMTP:Lou.Martin at] wrote:
> Started troubleshooting late last night, but got dark and cold front
> me back in the house.
> After run turbo pump doesn't run.......any tricks to removing the 2 wires
> the after run temp sensor?  twist or pull straight down?  Water manifold
> still hot so I used long-nosed pliers and broke a rubber boot trying.
> is still connected. Will also check fuse #21.
> Fan comes on in fast/jet blast mode.  Where's the thermoswitch and fan
> resistor pack?  Several of the relays in the underhood box are
> installed.
> Thanks,
> California 1991 200q20v now in Monument, CO
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