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Here's a good page comparing a number of BPVs, including stock and latest rev
Bosch editions:
Specifically, it covers original Audi (108) and upgraded Audi (114) valves as
well as a Porsche unit (110)
Unfortunately, it does not cover the Sport Quattro valve (102)

FWIW, I ran a 102 (SQ) for awhile...didn't like it.  Right around 1.0 bar, the
valve would flutter, making an audible groan at part throttle.  Other than
that, it worked fine, definitely better than my leaky original.  Replaced it
after a couple months with a 114 valve and the noise is gone--no difference in
performance for me.  The 102 valve does not appear to have the same brass
internal piston as the photos on the site above show.

This 102 valve is available, if any one wants, $25 shipped via USPS.  Email if

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> All,
> Well, I've met the enemy, and it is me.  In my recent BPV
> endeavors, I've been playing with 3 cars; my 200 20v, my and
> a friends S4s.  In each one of those cars, the BPVs were
> installed backwards to begin with.  As a result of my various
> forms of testing, I had arrived at the conclusion that they
> would be more effective installed the other way (imagine
> that... install them as designed!).  Bob Rossato was nice
> enough to forward me this link, which shows the BPV installed
> as it should be, rather than "backwards" as I was calling it:

Bottom line: what I was calling "backwards" was really just installed
correctly.  I was just unfortunate enough to have 3 cars with the installs
botched in the first place, and made the assumption that they were correct.  I
still think the Sport Quattro version of the Bosch BPV works the best of what
I've tried (0 280 142 102). Anyway, sorry for the misinfo... Dave in CO
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