after run turbo pump and high fan speed

Phil Rose pjrose at
Thu Jun 26 09:54:13 EDT 2003

At 7:50 PM -0400 6/25/03, Kneale Brownson wrote:
>At 03:06 PM 06/25/2003 -0400, Phil and Judy Rose wrote:
>>At 9:57 AM -0600 6/25/03, Lou.Martin at wrote:
>>>After run turbo pump doesn't run.......
>>>Fan comes on in fast/jet blast mode.
>>However when it's in afterrun mode, the fan runs at lowest
>>speed--very, very quiet.
>When my after-run system kicks in (usually requires parking after engine
>has been hot enough to make the fan come on while running, AND continued
>under-hood heat in an environment like the 94 + degrees F here today), you
>can hear the fan from several car lengths away.  I always assumed this was
>"hi" speed.  Today, I heard it come on twice after I had shut the car
>down.  I didn't note the length of time between "on" cycles, but it was
>like 10-15 minutes between the two times I heard the fan.  Usually, the fan
>runs for a minute or two in the after-run mode.

My cars have the same behavior--afterrun triggers only on warm days,
etc. However neither one produces what I'd consider high-speed fan
operation. It _can_ be heard from a few car lengths away (2 or 3 at
most) in a quiet environment--however I think high-speed operation is
much louder than that.

In our Lago sedan, the afterrun has never lasted more than a few
minutes (3 or 4 at most), whereas a few days ago I was surprised to
hear the red sedan's afterrun persist for more than 10 minutes (and
that was after just moderate driving on a 80 degree day). The only
time I've been aware of more than one "on" cycle was after a session
at the track. I wonder if the the relay condition (age/defects, etc)
can contribute to much variability in afterrun timing/cycling. I've
always figured that the relay was OK if it worked at all. I guess
that's not necessarily true.


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