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Brandon Rogers brogers at
Thu Jun 26 17:00:52 EDT 2003

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Hi guys-
 Ok..I'll try to make this as short and clear as possible.....and I'll pref=
ace it by saying I've got SJM's info, but maybe you can help more.  This is=
 my forst foray inot 20V territory--so please forgive my ignorance.  Anyway=
.=2E.I took my urq w/ 3B out for the first brief road test last night.  It =
starts great (good riddens CIS!!!!) and idles nice, revs freely.  At idle, =
however, there is a slight whishing/suctionnoise---I'm wondering if I have =
a disconnected hose-I'll follow up on that.  After idling for quite a while=
 I decided to take a quick spin around the block, literally. Although I was=
 definitley taking it easy I did goose it a couple times very briefly and i=
t seems that it's not making any boost.  I was getting a funky noise..not r=
eally a whistle  idon't think tho...again..I'll double check all turbo line=
s=2E  I have to admit it was a very brief drive as I was nervous that somet=
hing big was wrong, plus the car isn't road ready.  The check engine light =
was on, and I drove i tanyway for a minute because SJM's site said to dirve=
 the car first and make sure it's up to operating temp and the manifold had=
 seen boost.  So I drove it briefly.  Would any faults tell the ECU to open=
 the WGFV (or something) and make no boost?  Hopefully I'll be able to blin=
k the codes out soon (need to get one of those Diagpro palm pilot deals).  =
I'm also wondering if the turbo is bad.  This is the same K24 turbo I ran i=
n my urq (recently rebuilt by Majestic Turbo).  The turbo appears to be in =
very good hape with virtually no end to end play, and only the tiny accepta=
ble side to side play.  Any other issues the turbo could have??  Maybe some=
thing where as it warms up it starts to stick???  Anyway --any help much ap=

'84 urq 20V


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