AAN windage tray in 3B pan

Archibald, Jon Jarchibald at whpacific.com
Fri Jun 27 11:41:39 EDT 2003

OK all you 3B'ers out there...I know at least a few of you have added
the AAN windage tray to your oil pan. Mine's on the garage floor right
now, and it appears that the AAN tray will fit right over the top of the
3B slosh plate, albeit snuggly. Are people leaving the slosh plate in,
"replacing" it with the windage tray, modifying one or the other, some
other combination? I've heard a lot about what problems the 3B pan in a
tightly-sprung car might cause and varying solutions. Alex Neckas
replaces the stock plate with a "hand-formed" piece which he says limits
oil crawling up the crankcase breather under hard right-turn cornering,
leading to a huge oil-smoke-poot (tm). I've experienced the "poot" in an
auto-x. From what I've observed, though, the stock plate should already
do a pretty good job of keeping oil from sloshing up there. Alex sells
the pan with his modification for $300 w/exchange, but actually pinning
him and a pan down has proven very difficult, so I decided to try it
myself. So...any BTDT from folks who have had/solved the g-force-poot
(tm) and/or done it with a mod. to the oil pan would be greatly

Jon Archibald

'85 urq with 3b and intermittent smoke screen

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