[urq] AAN windage tray in 3B pan

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Fri Jun 27 13:12:13 EDT 2003

not sure how much this will help you, Jon, but here's what I did.  I just
kept the existing stuff in the 3B pan and added the AAN windage tray b/w two
oil pan gaskets.  You will have to remove the oil pick up line to put the
tray in.  I did not take it the step further and make an extra anti-slosh
smoke poot deal.  With the windage tray and extra gasket, the pan is
effectively lowered a few mm, so the bolt holes in the oil pan do not line
up to the tranny.  Luckily they are not the threaded ones and you just need
to grind/ovalize them a bit.


'84 urq 20V

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> OK all you 3B'ers out there...I know at least a few of you have added
> the AAN windage tray to your oil pan. Mine's on the garage floor right
> now, and it appears that the AAN tray will fit right over the top of the
> 3B slosh plate, albeit snuggly. Are people leaving the slosh plate in,
> "replacing" it with the windage tray, modifying one or the other, some
> other combination? I've heard a lot about what problems the 3B pan in a
> tightly-sprung car might cause and varying solutions. Alex Neckas
> replaces the stock plate with a "hand-formed" piece which he says limits
> oil crawling up the crankcase breather under hard right-turn cornering,
> leading to a huge oil-smoke-poot (tm). I've experienced the "poot" in an
> auto-x. From what I've observed, though, the stock plate should already
> do a pretty good job of keeping oil from sloshing up there. Alex sells
> the pan with his modification for $300 w/exchange, but actually pinning
> him and a pan down has proven very difficult, so I decided to try it
> myself. So...any BTDT from folks who have had/solved the g-force-poot
> (tm) and/or done it with a mod. to the oil pan would be greatly
> appreciated.
> Jon Archibald
> '85 urq with 3b and intermittent smoke screen
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