Alignment: Impossible with H&R springs-follow-up

Phil Rose pjrose at
Sat Jun 28 00:35:31 EDT 2003

At 6:47 PM -0700 6/27/03, jalexmichaels wrote:
>Also in evidence was what I think is the smell of burnt pentosin
>coming through the climate vents. This smell only wafts through when
>the car is idling at stops.  It looks like pentosin, or something,
>is dripping onto the exhaust pipe right below the inner driver's
>side cv joint, but also the front of both cats seem to be coated
>with something too. Smells bad, but not like motor oil.  Anybody
>else have this smell or leak pattern? Is it indeed Pentosin?

Could be Pentosin, but I had similar symptom (smell of burning tranny
oil when car was stopped) when the passenger side differential
(output shaft) oil seal began to leak. The seals on both sides
probably have an equal liklihood of leaking. That's a relatively
common problem with these cars by 100K miles, I believe.

The steering rack could be leaking Pentosin if its internal seals
_and_ its rubber boots are shot. It should be relatively easy to
reach in and feel each boot to detect presence of Pentosin. My bet is
on the differential oil seal(s).


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