Alignment: Impossible with H&R springs-follow-up

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> I was just disputing your implication that a shot boot could be the cause a
> leak.

A torn boot is an indirect cause of rack leaks. A torn boot allows grit and
grime to accumulate on the rod. That dirt causes wear and tear of the seal and
scratches the rod.

 Boots can and do contain fluid from piston seal leaks, for a while anyway.
It cant hold the fluid for long as a customer discovered after he bought a car
where someone had replaced the boot only to disguise the leaking rack. I
believe his comment to me was "I'm leaking pentosin from somewhere I cant find and
my rack has slime coming from the middle"

OTOH...... My V8 has had a torn boot and seal seepage since I purchased it in
Dec 00. Since I'm a believer in having a clean engine compartment at all
times my rack (and the rest of the engine compartment) gets blasted with a
pressure washer about once a month. My green gold consumption is about 1 qt every 6


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