Alignment: Impossible with H&R springs-follow-up

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Yes, the shop set camber to -1.25 both sides, and to zero toe.  I thought
that re-installing original springs would make it possible to restore the
ability to get positive camber, as I thought the H&R springs (making the car
1.5 inches lower) were the main reason the car was out of camber spec.


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> Hi Jake,
> IMO, your negative camber is excessive for maximumizing tire wear under
> hiway cruzing conditions.  Further, it should be equal, side to side, and
> best set at zero.  Raising the ride height by replacing your HRs with
> springs may reduce the neg camber a little, but may not bring it back to
> zero.  The addition of a properly adjusted Benz strut brace would also
> Shifting the subframe could equalize the camber side to side differences.
> Every little bit adds up.
> 1/8th toe out.  1/8 what?  Degree, or " measurement diff at the tire max
> bulge?  Anyway, toe out can be unstable.  I set mine to Zero centered on
> chassis, because the forward driving torque will pull it slightly
> To diagnose an oil leak you must find the source withabsolute certainty.
> do this you must clean the engine and underside absolutely oil and dirt
> free.  and then look and feel for it/them.  If it is coming from the
> of the rack, where the tie rods attach, you have a piston rod seal problem
> in the rack.  The major and almost only possible rack problem.  Any other
> fluid on the rack is probably a hose problem.  Happy hunting!
> Bernie
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> > Folks,
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> > Had the alignment done before I took a trip down to California from
> > OR.
> >
> > The car, with the H&R's and OE shocks, had the front camber come in -1.5
> > -1.0 right. Front toe was 1/8 out, which might have been causing most of
> > tire wear. Best they could get the left camber was -1.25, -1.0 right.
> >
> > During my drive down the lovely I5 corridor,  bump steer was evident.
> > planted the seed of awareness on that one.
> >
> > Mulling over installing the original springs that came with the car when
> > purchased it.   I'm driving to Colorado in a week in this beast and want
> > get the suspension/tires sorted out before this 3,000 mile trip.  I did
> > purchase a set of Sumitomo summer tires, HTR 200, (my first off-brand
> > purhase) from the tire track, but I am low on cash and these tires seem
> > for the car, and were only $46 each. I ahve dedicated winter tires.
> >
> > Also in evidence was what I think is the smell of burnt pentosin coming
> > through the climate vents. This smell only wafts through when the car is
> > idling at stops.  It looks like pentosin, or something, is dripping onto
> > exhaust pipe right below the inner driver's side cv joint, but also the
> > of both cats seem to be coated with something too. Smells bad, but not
> > motor oil.  Anybody else have this smell or leak pattern? Is it indeed
> > Pentosin?
> >
> > Jacob
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