Team doorhandle bites

Mike Del Tergo mdeltergo at
Sat Jun 28 20:02:55 EDT 2003

I know many thought that the 5000 doorhandles were eveil, but I actually got
to the point where I could lube/replace them without going through the
interior at all.  Just went to replace a bad lock pawl inside the 200
drivers side with the Blau kit and man, Audi really stepped it up a notch.
I found it to be one of the many places where Bentley is really lacking.
Any BTDT on how to effectively rerassemble the unit insitu?
Bentley shows the ressy on a bench, but near as I can tell the unit will not
got back in fully assembeld and there  is room for the hands of a 5 year old
but not mine.  Turns out my pawl was fine just some other PO weirdness.  The
alarm was discoed, so I reconnected, and the radio went out.  Trouble shot
the radio, found the prob, reupped the alarm and lubed lock and reassy
doesn't seem as snug as before.
I suspect problem is with the "Big dipper" clamp, kind of an E clip with a
handle.  Any thoughts welcome.

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