Headliner repair using wooden battens

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Sat Jun 28 14:06:14 EDT 2003

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Doyt at NWOnline.Net writes:

> On my type 44, the fabric headliner detached from its adhesive/foam,
> starting at the back window and extending forward almost to the rear of the
> sunroof, mostly in the centerline. The rear edge of the fabric fell out of
> the retaining trim that surrounds the upper line of the rear window. I
> couldn't see out of my rear view mirror. Passengers complained. So, I fixed
> it.

Doyt, if your rube goldberg (just kidding)  :<) wooden lath fix fails, lemme
know, i have a good headliner from a 84 available, with the no-sag vinyl.
why did they ever change to the cloth anyway??  anyone know?

'86 5kt w/ cloth headliner still in place (miraculously)

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