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Sat Jun 28 22:58:22 EDT 2003

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This is central to some of the issues that NEQ members have had with the
National ACNA board.  Not open reporting on every line item, and a national
wanting to control NEQ events and funding.  Wait a second... National, who didn't
have open accounting practices, and never disclosed perks (like free cars from
AoA for people like Karen) wanted to assume the assets and money control of the
most successful region with the most events, which overall turns a small
profit every year AND donates to charitable causes.  Kind of shady in a lot of
people's minds (mine included).  That said, it's getting better and one day there
may yet be even more fiscal merging.  National CLEARLY has to clean up their
act first, this thread being an example.  I think this is happening, slowly.
When I have more time, possibly I can personally help.  Right now, all I can
do is sit back and hope new board members change how the club is run for a more
open and inclusive governance.  This can only be a positive thing for
long-term club growth.

I honestly think the club needs board members with a business background and
not people who just love Audis and mean well.  I make that suggestion at all
levels, including local.

Give the newer board members (like Jon and Chris) a chance to make some

Mark Rosenkrantz
AudiBiTurbo at aol.com

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