fuel pump check valve(s) dilemma

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Mon Jun 30 16:36:51 EDT 2003

At 2:05 PM -0400 6/30/03, motogo1 wrote:
>How timely. My Avant just started to have hot start problems. So a check
>valve is what I need?
>  Keep us posted on what you find out.  Thanks

I managed to find a local source for a proper check valve. The new
Bosch valve is quite similar to the one it's replacing--just a little
shorter in the mid-section, but there's plenty of room to install the
banjo fitting and also the damper. The reduced length in the middle
makes it a little more difficult to get a (box) wrench on the flats
of the valve to tighten it up, but it can be done.

The new valve is now in--we'll see if it cures the hot-start problem.
Considering that I could easily blow air (hot air, of course) through
the old valve I just removed, it seems certain that the new valve
will fix things.

The good Bosch p/n is 1 587 010 533 (cross-over from the Audi 443 906 093)


P.S. The Bosch p/n to *avoid* is 1 587 010 004

Phil Rose
Rochester, NY
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