oil in #5

jim catterson termite at rocketmail.com
Mon Mar 3 04:39:23 EST 2003

> I would say you need a new valve cover gasket. It happened to me on
> my 94
> S4.

ditto...just changed the cam cover gasket on my '91 avant at 60k miles.
 #5 hole filled w/ oil and some sweating on the outside edge of the
cover here and there.  new gasket = no more errant oil.  btw,  minor
pain in the ass to change because all of the intake plumbing has to
come off.  it is a good time to: 1)repaint the top heat shield trim
next to the intake pipe; 2) change the plug wires [ i used the nology
wires ]; and 3) replace those vacuum hoses that are probably shot as well...

jim catterson

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