low temp door lube needed

Mon Mar 3 11:35:58 EST 2003

Gummi Pflege in a tube at your local BMW dealer for frozen door seals.
It's primarily a rubber conditioner but will also keep frozen door seals
from sticking.  Seen it in spray form awhile ago, but the tube is available
readily from BMW.  Might want to call first as some folks at some dealerships
may not be familiar with it even though it does have a BMW part #. I did
a search for it and it's apparently popular with the rubber fetish set
as well.  I'll leave that to your further investigation Bernie and Scott
J. as I know you'll want to get all the technical info on it.


Big rain yesterday and 5 above zero today... you're not the only one
with sticky doors damnit.

Some tacky lube from Lubro Moly or Wurth will work at least temporarily on
the hinges themselves until warmer temps.

Paul Royal aka 16RoT

> I thought I could wait till the spring, and do my door lube maint. on my
> "new" TQA, but single digit temps look to be around for some time and not
> only have the doors fozen shut, but thet are also pulling the equally
> charming freezing open. (poor California car is very confused!) Has any one
> got the ticket for a great low temp lubricant?  I've got good stuff in a tub
> but I was looking for a spray on so I don't have to take absolutely
> everything apart.
> thanks
> Mike

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