Relay for Front Lights to disable bulb warning

ben swann benswann at
Tue Mar 4 09:21:17 EST 2003

My '91 200 20 vtq had Eurolights installed with relays, but I get the
bulb out warning.  I had disabled this feature on a '89 100Q I had
installed Eurolights on with relays, by bending the pin on the
appropriate relay - a long time ago.  Now I am having trouble
identifying the relay on the '91 200 20v.  Bently show it as #5 with a
diagram of the panel, but that relay didnt seem to have anything to do
with lights.  It appears the diagram in Bentley is a depiction of the
panel in fron of drivers legs and the view is an upside down view as if
looking from front of car.  Any other clues, or better pics of what
relays are which.  Many of the relays have a number, which may help.
The number 5 one had no number, and no K terminal.  When removed,
lights still operated and bulb warning out displayed with lows on.
High beams do not trigger bulb out.

TIA for help.


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