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Tue Mar 4 10:06:19 EST 2003

I know you've mentioned the stop leak stuff. In this case, I feel better
about replacing the seal. Now, if the rear crankshaft oil seal starts to
leak, I think I'll try the stop leak first! What a bear that would be to
replace... Also the cost.. while I'm there, I'd want to replace a whole
boat load of other things to avoid taking the transmission out again...


Bernie Benz wrote:
> Tranny oil doesn't wear out.  Unless you must open the tranny, don't change
> it, just top it off.  Why replace a seal?  Have you tried adding engine seal
> restorer to stop a leak?  DFI if IAB!
> Bernie
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>>Subject: transmission lube
>>Quick question.
>>When replacing a seal in the transmission, I drained some fluid to that
>>I could dry out the seal area completely. I noticed it was browner than
>>I expected it to be. I know motor oil gets quite dark from use. Should I
>>expect the gear lube to get a medium brown color? Is there any good
>>reason to replace the factory synthetic stuff at 120K? (yes, I know it
>>is probably not a bad idea, but...)
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