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Brett Dikeman brett at
Tue Mar 4 12:26:48 EST 2003

At 6:52 AM -0800 3/4/03, Bernie Benz wrote:
>Tranny oil doesn't wear out.

Bull.  It's some magical oil that doesn't break down over 10 years,
doesn't get full of little bits of metal as the gears wear, etc?  Why
is it then that people report drastic improvements(especially in cold
weather) upon putting in new fluid?  It's also not a sealed system-
there's a breather on both rear diff and transmission.  You're going
to tell me that over 10 years, 180k miles, nothing gets in there?

It's something that probably only needs doing a few times over the
entire life of the car, and doesn't cost much- maybe $30 tops.  Why

>   Unless you must open the tranny, don't change it, just top it off.
>Why replace a seal?

Probably because our transmissions are very, very, very difficult to
find.  What if the seal restorer doesn't fix the problem, or makes it
worse, and the tranny bleeds out before you get a chance to check it
again?  Oops.  Now, since you didn't "fix it", now it's really
"broke", and your wallet is -really- light to boot.  If one of the
seals starts leaking on my tranny, I'm damn well going to replace it,

The whole thing reminds me- I wanted to change the fluid in both the
tranny and the rear diff.  Bentley says "3.2L/3.4Q" for "200
Quattro", 016 trannies-guess that's us, though the engine spec(121kw)
and production years(up to 89) are wrong...but couldn't find anything

Can't find the specs for the rear diff anywhere.  How much does it
take, anyone know?

Looking over amsoil's site, the Bentley, etc- their AGR SAE 75W90
gear lube is what I want for both, correct?

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