Coolant loss and Water Pump

Steve Sherman spsherm at
Tue Mar 4 12:59:58 EST 2003

The stub that the upper rad hose goes to broke off last nite.  I stopped
the engine within 10 secs of when the warning lite and the vapor cloud
happened.  Had to run the engine for 15 sec to back it to the edge of
the road.  This am I went back and in daylite saw that there was enough
stub to attach the upper rad hose, refilled the coolant and drive home

I still need a new radiator, but am concerned that some damage might
have been done to the new water pump that was just installed, or to my
head gasket.  The engine took about 1gal of coolant when I refilled it
so that is how much was lost when the break occurred.

I plan on checking the compression and that should tell how the head
gasket faired (engine was not that hot when the break occurred).  But
how do I tell if the water pump was damaged?

Any thoughts?


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