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Thanks Brett, for posting your contrary and apparently heated opinions.
Apparently, I offended your sensibilities, SAT.  More offense below.

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> At 6:52 AM -0800 3/4/03, Bernie Benz wrote:
>> Tranny oil doesn't wear out.
> Bull.  It's some magical oil that doesn't break down over 10 years,
> doesn't get full of little bits of metal as the gears wear, etc?
It does not break down, and all manual trannies (that I've had apart) have a
magnetic steel particle accumulator within the case to cover the break in
>  Why is it then that people report drastic improvements(especially in cold
> weather) upon putting in new fluid?
The "thin wallet feels so good" syndrome"?
> It's also not a sealed system-
> there's a breather on both rear diff and transmission.  You're going
> to tell me that over 10 years, 180k miles, nothing gets in there?
At most, a little moist air during heating and cooling cycles, the moisture
being boiled off when hot.
> It's something that probably only needs doing a few times over the
> entire life of the car, and doesn't cost much- maybe $30 tops.  Why
> not?
Can't cause much harm, if DIY and use the correct fluid.  Much possible harm
if left to Jiffy Lube.
>> Unless you must open the tranny, don't change it, just top it off.
>> Why replace a seal?
> Probably because our transmissions are very, very, very difficult to
> find.
Never looked, never lost one.  Do they just fall out?
> What if the seal restorer doesn't fix the problem, or makes it
> worse, and the tranny bleeds out before you get a chance to check it
> again?
The old "what if" game!
> Oops.  Now, since you didn't "fix it", now it's really
> "broke", and your wallet is -really- light to boot.  If one of the
> seals starts leaking on my tranny, I'm damn well going to replace it,
> thanks.
It's your car and your wallet.  Go for it!
> The whole thing reminds me- I wanted to change the fluid in both the
> tranny and the rear diff.  Bentley says "3.2L/3.4Q" for "200
> Quattro", 016 trannies-guess that's us, though the engine spec(121kw)
> and production years(up to 89) are wrong...but couldn't find anything
> else...
> Can't find the specs for the rear diff anywhere.  How much does it
> take, anyone know?
Fill to the fill plug.
> Looking over amsoil's site, the Bentley, etc- their AGR SAE 75W90
> gear lube is what I want for both, correct?
NO!  GL4 in the tranny, GL5 in the rear end.

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