transmission lube

Bernie Benz b.benz at
Tue Mar 4 14:59:11 EST 2003

> From: Brett Dikeman <brett at>

> Amsoil AGR SAE 75W90 is rated GL-2 through GL-5; unless there are
> different weight requirements, the same gear oil should work in both
> far as I can tell.
Again, NO!

GL5 is an extreem pressure lubricant, designed for the requirements of
hypoid gearing.  While it will not hurt a tranny, it will slow your syncro
action noticeably.  Judging from past posts on this and the 20V list, the
consenus is that tranny fluid should be replaced with the Audi spec stuff
for best syncro performance.  If wallet is fat enough to replace, go for the
real juice!


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