Re Low temp lube needed.

Mike Del Tergo mdeltergo at
Tue Mar 4 23:04:43 EST 2003

Thanks for all the suggestions.  The saving grace of this weather is that is
is so cold and so dry that ice will sublimate fairly quickly and many of the
frozen parts issues are short lived.  After digging around in the drivers
door and locks, I found a few interesting things,
The heated lock mechanisms was disconnected, thanks $100/hr San Fran shop!
The usual Audi freezing points of handle and lock components were not the
culprit.  The release wire that runs from the inside handle to the
lock/clamp mechanism was binding within its plastic sheathing.  Unusual in
that it is a fairly straight piece, no kinks or curves really.  An injection
of lube down the cable into both sides of the sheath and no problems in the
single digits of this morning.
Thanks for all the hints.  As soon as we see freezing again, I'll tackle the
rest of the locks.

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