3B tranny same as MC-2 tranny?

ben swann benswann at comcast.net
Tue Mar 4 21:32:25 EST 2003


You beat me to it with the same/similar question.  Can I retrofit the
drivetrain from my '87 5ktq avant into the 200 20v tq avant, if I
wanted to do something insane like that?

Any comments on advantages, disadvantages, no-nos, yes-yes's or what
have you?

I probably wouldn't even follow through on this, short of unforseen
catostrophic failure on the 200 tqa, but must admit, for some reason, I
kind of liked the feel of the 5000 drivetrain better, the dual diff.
lock functions, and other aspects.  Perhaps it is what I've been used

Ben - full of hypothetical nutty questions

[Okay, thanks.  That makes sense I think, since the '84 4kq had the
(more desirable for some) 3.89 gear ratio, meaning quicker acceleration
due to higher rpms for a given mph.

So, how about this for a bastardization/cost savings?  Can I put a Type
85 016 in a Type 44, such as an '85-87 4kq tranny in a 200q20v?  I
realize I would be backdating to a locker diff, but this would give the
correct gear ratio I believe.

Would this tranny fit the 200 chassis?  *wrings hands*



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