[torsen] Re: 3B tranny same as MC-2 tranny?

ben swann benswann at comcast.net
Wed Mar 5 10:28:15 EST 2003

This is not an issue doing a direct transplant from '86-'88 5ktq to '91
200 20v, is it?  Oversimply stated, but Everything should just bolt up

p.s.  I will have a  complete '87 4kq driveline, incl. trans, shafts,
and rear diff. available in a month - it is ready to drop tight now.  I
have no need for it at the time.  Was thinking about building some type
of AWD tractor, but enough of my hairbrained ideas - could have really
used one in the recent 28+" snowfall we got here - my Heavy duty Sears
tractor with plow blade proved worthless.

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From: JShadzi at aol.com
Date: Wednesday, March 5, 2003 9:23 am
Subject: Re: [torsen] Re: 3B tranny same as MC-2 tranny?

> Don't forget totally different shift linkage in the 80/90 vs the
4kq, one of  the bigger tasks in doing the conversion, it has to be
totally  customized.
> Javad

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