Tranny Lube

Wed Mar 5 09:50:32 EST 2003

More information albeit anecdotal:

1990 90Q20v: one transmission failure at 154,000 miles on Audi lube
             current transmission w/ at least 196,000 miles on steady diet of Redline MT-90
             this tranny has over 50 track days on it as well including an infamous shift
             from fourth to third at 100MPH back in 1997 at Road America...
1991 90Q20v: 164,000 miles, RL MT-90 since 65,000 miles, no issues
1991 200Q20vT Wagon: 150,000 miles, RL MT-90 since 103,000K miles, no issues
1986 4000CSQ: about to do changeover to RL MT-90, current unknown

I'd love to get in on the argument of pressures and GL ratings but you guys seem to have that
covered in addition to the fact that I have no idea what you're talking about ;-).  I was
thinking about putting Peter Schulz's neighbor's cat in a large press and using some of the
oil from that operation but I think I'm gonna stick with the MT-90 and use the cat oil to
fire up the Kingsford in the Weber.

There you have it, nothing but Redline MT-90, and a bit of Gummi Pflege....

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