[torsen] Re: 3B tranny same as MC-2 tranny?

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Hope nobody minds me taking the thread in a slightly different
Let's assume one were to embark on a project to build a really high HP
20V urq.
I am talking beyond the 350-370 HP we see in rs2 clothing, and going
north of 400hp with huge torque with a 2.5l stroker AAN.
I have heard that the transmission is the biggest issue, in that the 016
3rd and 4th gears can't handle power in excess of about 350 hp.
Would that leave an 01E as the only remaining transmission choice
capable of handling that much power?  Does anyone have any BTDT in what
it takes to shove an O1E into a urq?


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I'm a locker guy thru and thru.  It requires more involvement from the
driver, and you lose ABS function during activation (and don't forget
that with the conversion you will need to run an ABS OFF wire), but it
also depends on what you plan on doing with the car in terms of
performance and/or driving environment.

As a rule, lockers are predictable at the limit (read U all the time),
Torsens aren't.  What you need to assess is where you drive.  Don't
forget to factor that *at the limit* is at the limit of adhesion, which
isn't always in a performance environment, read: it's strictly a HP/CF

Ben, you've had both, trust your instincts.

Scott aka "torsen boy" Justusson
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> Scott, Q-Phile,
> Now for the question that perhaps should go to the T* list.  Is there
> any merit to doing this, or is the t* system in there
> really better,
> even though it doesn't feel like it to me.
> Any BTDT?
> Ben
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