Premium Fueling maps on the 3B

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Thu Mar 6 12:33:10 EST 2003

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On the other computer I posted this to the "quattro list", so I appologize
for the duplicate post to multi-listers: - Scott in BOSTON

Q:  On 3B motors does it matter the number of starts to get
back to the premium octane map in the ecu?

Reason I ask:  I use 87 octane and never dip far into the turbo
( in fact car so new to me I haven't but once ) except there are
track events where I fill up with super to get the most out of the motor.

Case in point: Rental car Mitsubishi (2 identical) one performed far better,
but I drove it to empty 350 miles and then filled up with super.
The other I drove 20 miles to the track and assumed 87 octane because
the pick up was like the difference between night and day.

So back to the 3B:
Does the fueling map reset after each start or is there
some "proceedure" I should follow?

>>>>>>>>Restarting the car probably so=
lves your problem right?  That's becuase each time you restart the car is b=
egins in the "premium ign. map" and the process starts over again.

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