Personal Gain Retail Selling

Thu Mar 6 13:33:48 EST 2003

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I'll put in my .02.

ALL GP should be either on a separate list, or in Marketplace.  Why?  Cuz
it's a grey area, even those with the most pure of thoughts may be getting
personal gain (other business if he gets 6k worth of clutches, or his clutch
free, whatever), how can it be enforced or even known?  If a guy is setting
up GP to get his "widget" free, is that "personal gain"?

GP (I call them group gropes) don't reflect wholesale prices, rarely are they
the "best" prices.  I've been tempted many a time to take GP pricing on
items, cuz I'd make good money using my shop discount. Instead, I figure if
that's what the qlists think is "value", then let it be.  All shops will be
dealing or already did with the issue of customer parts installs.

Now we are in a situation where a listmeister is trying to make a call on GP
vs personal selling.  Sorry, I see that line as being so fine, you ought to
just bag them all to Marketplace and stay out of the fray.  Picking Minhea
out for whatever he did, and NOT pick each and every "no personal gain" claim
with the same vengence, to me is pure BS.  The price of a chipset is 20 bux,
so anything over that is "personal gain"?  What about the GP of chipsets,
that goes back several years on these lists already?  Why bother thinking
about it Brett/Dan?

The easiest thing to do is direct them to marketplace.  The HARDEST thing to
do, is try to differentiate what is "personal" gain selling and what isn't.
Listmeisters have better things to do.

My .02 arbitraged thru the peso without personal gain.

Scott Justusson

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