Personal gain - and my Apology to the group.

John Zimmerman quickdeuce at
Thu Mar 6 20:09:27 EST 2003

Oh my !  I see I need to write a retraction of sorts.....
First,, PLEASE accept my apology Dan and Brett,, and to any other list
members I may have offended by my "apparently" poorly prepared - and with
little consideration for others feelings - previously submitted message
about a members personal gain.

If I could take it back, re-edit with a different perspective,, I would do
so - however (and THIS is not to excuse my apparent inconsideration of
others) I cannot.  My intent, which I now see was MOST poorly prepared, was
to share what I felt about "this" particular incident and that perhaps in
the future  - should another have another viable and perhaps beneficial
contribution to the list - issue like these would be bounced off the list
managers prior to posting,,, "if" that makes any sense ?

My mastery of English composition and prose is indeed lacking and I'm just
not able to put my fingers on the appropriate words,, but Please accept my
apologys to all.

In closing,, and I hope I haven't diminished my original post's support of
Mihnea's chip and his (in my opinion) intentions to share his hard work, and
with little more than enough $ to press on and search for an even better
solution,,  I wish I could take some of my comment back.

The lesson I have learned from this experience ?  Type my comments (should I
make another attempt at saying what I will) into a different file,, study
VERY CAREFULLY what it is that I'm trying to say,, then, and ONLY then.. hit
the "SEND" button.

As long as my wife and have our AUDI 200,, I can't imagine trying to
maintain and take care of it,,,, without the help of and I
surely don't want to do anything to cause my dismissal from this GREAT group
of sharing and caring people. You folks have always done your level best to
offer help whenever I've asked and I just can't say Thank you enough.
John Zimmerman

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