Lifespan question...

the Spaeth's spaeth at
Thu Mar 6 17:16:23 EST 2003

This probably has many answers but I am looking for an idea of the
functional lifespan of these cars. We have a sedan with 156,000 miles on
it. It is Alpine White and Tan and is the first car my wife and I both
love. We really need a wagon. I have found a few in the 170,000 mile
range. If we are looking at very pampered examples with that kind of
mileage, how long can they go? Is there a good rule of thumb mileage
figure to stay under or is it buy the least number of miles you can
afford? I am not subscribed but check the archives often or you can
p-mail me at spaeth at
Thanks in advance there is always lot's of great info here,
Craig Spaeth

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