Personal Gain Retail Selling

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Thu Mar 6 21:23:51 EST 2003


I've only been on the list a few days now, so maybe I don't have all the
history of this debate, but I agree with Mike.  If I'm getting something I
want at a price that I like, it certainly doesn't bother me if someone makes
a little along the way.  Also, I most likely would never have known about
Mihnea's chip upgrade project if it hadn't been posted on the list.  Up to
this point, it's been cost prohibitive for me to even consider the chip
upgrades that I've found, and blindly searching for these things on the net
can take more time than I have available to search.  So I'm thankful that
the posting was there and that I was able to respond and get in on the deal.
Along with Mike, I too would rather send my money the way of a list member.
Maybe I'm too trusting, but then that's my problem.

This debate aside, I have so far found the list to be interesting and
helpful and I hope that somewhere along the way, I'll be able to provide
some useful input as well.

Let's get back to how we can keep our Audi's alive, on the road and going
strong. (Personally, I love stunning those overdressed, tricked out,
obnoxious sounding, huge spoiler toting, base model imports and domestics
when I leave them behind at a stoplight in my conservative looking 4 door

Guy Usher
('91 200 20v just rolled 200,000 and still going strong!)

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> I agree with Mike but as apparently the rules are what they are and I
> didn't ask Brett or anyone else if I could organize such a GP for my own
> product before doing it, I guess I'm guilty as well here...
> Anyway, I really apologize for the inconvenience and I really hope I
> bug the people who weren't interested at all in my GP... Had I known, I
> would have asked first, then maybe only posted a link to a page or
> Cheers,
> Mihnea
> At 18:18 6/03/2003 -0500, Mike Sylvester wrote:
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> >I've never understood why the list is so adverse to list members making
> >money.  They don't have a problem with a vendor making money.
> >
> >If someone can put together a GP or manufacture a product and sell it to
> >list members at a price agreed upon by the buyers why does it matter if
> >the organizer makes a profit?
> >Why do people then feel like they were cheated? If they could have gotten
> >a better price on their own, why didn't they do that in the 1st place?
> >
> >Personally, I would prefer to send my money the way of a list member when
> >possible.
> >
> >Mike Sylvester
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