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Fri Mar 7 11:34:20 EST 2003

The P10 cable is for when the engine starts to move aft, the cable tightens as the transmission bracket starts to move rearward.  There is a direct (and exact) relationship between aft movement and belt tightening, so "adding" this to a 016 trans swap wouldn't be such a good idea IMO (read: no shop is going to do it, and neither should you).

The cable that tightens the belts, goes up the trim tunnel near the doors, wraps around the transmission bracket atop the transmission (a bridge under which passes the shift rod, just aft of the front ball and socket)and returns down the other side trim tunnel.  This bracket addition also resulted in a change to the bolt in clutch slave cylinder design, so that the clutch slave can be replaced without removing the P10 bracket.


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> Just in case some of you wanted to know the details of the Audi Procon Ten seat belt tensioning system, Chris Miller has
> an excellent description on his website,,,,
> > Here's a good description:
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