Hard to Find Trim Piece

Scalmanini Steve sscalmanini at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 8 22:10:08 EST 2003

When I installed my euros (new) a year ago those
rubber parts were separate.  I had to install them to
the upper retaining plates by pushing several small
round heads (like small nail heads) on the bottom of
the rubber piece through holes in the uppper retaining

Before you give up on finding the rubber parts new,
email or call VM Autohause in BC and ask 'em if they
can get them; (vm_autohaus at hotmail.com; 604.298.9637
from the audifans.com parts supplier list).  That's
where I got my euros from.

Failing that, ask someone on the list with a European
ETKA to look for them.  When I was in Germany in ~98
and asked at a dealer about buying Euros, they were
only available as individual parts, not an entire
assembly, so maybe the rubber parts you want are two
of those individual parts.

Good luck,



Well gang I think I found it. In playing with the Etka
some more. This rubber/foam trim piece seems to be
part of the upper retaining plate.(sub group 41,
Illustration 163-00, Item #2, need to use the picture
zoom to see it) Now the questions is....Has anyone
found a way to purchase just the trim piece w/o buying
the retaining plate?



Chuck Pierce wrote:

What I am looking for is a PN# for the rubber/foam
type trim piece that is right above the headlights. It
is right where the fender and hood meet. It looks to
be mounted on the light assy. The ones on my car are
dry and falling apart. I have the Etka, but just
cannot find this piece.

Chuck Pierce
91 20v slowly getting sorted out

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