front bose amp question

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at
Sun Mar 9 02:44:53 EST 2003

Amen on the fairly complete instructions...I've used them myself, and think
I may even raise the bar from fairly very complete.


>At 11:30 AM -0800 3/8/03, Derek Pulvino wrote:
>>I haven't opened up both sides, but I'm guessing from my experience on the
>>drivers side that they circuit board may be directional.  Some one else
>>probably provide more info on this than I, but tha't my guess.
>I think they're the same, just different cases; I believe the EQ is -only-
>front/back specific.  I can't see any reason why they would be specific to
>one side or the other; I know the rear speakers aren't.
>Most likely if they're different, there will be different part numbers on
>the IC's(keeping track of which IC was which if they were marked the same
>would be a nightmare)- if everything matches up, go for it.
>These amp boards are repairable- see my homepage below, I've written a
>fairly complete guide to fixing them in PDF format.
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>safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Ben Franklin

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