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Todd Phenneger tquattroguy at
Mon Mar 10 00:54:38 EST 2003

  I have bad news for you.  I'm sorry to say, NO ONE has a fix
for this.  The 2 Bennett system always do this.  They have
assured me that their new design fixes this but I've seen it,
all their new design is, is the addition of a piece of aluminum
welded to the top to keep it from bending so much.  But this
welding seems to overheat the bearing and cause premature
failure as well.
  We have worked used the 2-bennet unit as a starting point and
then using machined aluminum plated that are independent to
adjust caster and camber.  Problem is the entire assembly is
about 2-3" tall.  That doesnt leave much room for the springs!
And before you as, no its not finished, its not really my
project, and It likely wont be finished for quite some time.
  For now your only option is to get a new 2-Bennett piece.
OR.....Order an entirely new piece from FK.  They use an
adjustable coilover but with a special spring that flares out to
mate to the factory front bearings.  It looks to be a VERY nice
System but we havent seen it in person or driven a car with it
  If you want more Info call Adam @
  Same company that was written up in the latest EC article from
last month with the RS4 powered S4.

Tell him Todd sent you. Adam has a White 5ktq that has the same
problem so is very invested in finding a solution.

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> Have coil over set up with 2bennet strut bearings that are
> causing a
> racket.  Can anyone recommend replacement components for the
> camber
> plates/bearings.
> Thanks
> Jeff
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