brakes fine- now tranny whine?

DAK dak at
Mon Mar 10 16:59:03 EST 2003

I had a bad whine in an '86 5KT what I thought was the auto tranny. I
had that checked out and it was OK. People told me it was the turbo that
was going. Didn't have that car long enough to sort that out. Check the
turbo bearings.


Brett Dikeman wrote:
> So the brake saga has ended without fanfare-it really was just too
> low a fluid level causing air to get sucked into the MC.  After
> sitting all weekend with a properly topped up reservoir, it seems to
> have sorted itself out- pedal and braking action are now 100% normal,
> did a pretty thorough test in driveway and then on some back roads;
> no mushy pedal, car rolls quite easily- no sign of any brake drag-
> full stopping capacity, can stab at the pedal very quickly and get
> perfect response.
> Problem is, I've still got something else that cropped up that night;
> a VERY loud whine of some sort, worse at low RPMs and 3rd/4th gears,
> heavily dependent upon load/torque; let off the pedal, it all but
> disappears.  It is somewhat similar to the grumble/whine you'll get
> in most type44's at very low engine speeds/high load...except MUCH
> louder.  Seems very much like a tranny problem, and I'm concerned the
> tranny is now going to grenade on me- it's never made noises like
> this before.  Torsen seems fine, not locked up nor open from what I
> can tell- car's fine on mixed surfaces and no problems with tight
> radius turns.  Aside from the noise, everything feels normal.
> Any guesses on this new problem?
> Brett
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