brakes fine- now tranny whine?

Brett Dikeman brett at
Mon Mar 10 20:11:19 EST 2003

At 7:16 PM -0500 3/10/03, George Harris wrote:
>Hi Brett:
>Speaking of fluid levels, are you able to check the level in your
>transmission and your rear diff? How about noise while turning, Is
>it worse if you turn left or right under load? It may be CV joints
>if so.

Nope- the noise is only dependent upon engine load, and it -seems- to
be gear specific, not sure.

As for checking levels- I think we have the tranny plug tool, I'll
see if I can tell anything.  I am somewhat concerned about the fluid
level as's supposed to go in for a t-belt change on
thursday, but the shop isn't exactly around the corner, so I'd like
to get this figured out first...

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