200q20v wheel fitment?

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On a 200q20v, you could run a 9" wide wheel, provided that the
offset was no more than ET35, otherwise it will stick out of the

Problem is finding a 9" wheel for an Audi- very hard to do so,
usually have to modify MBZ wheels if you want 9s and they generally
run much smaller offsets (usually the front 8s are ET32 and the rears
get closer to ET20).

Did you buy a 20v?

Don't get 18s, ridiculously expensive wheels and tires, additional
weight and less durability, very little (if any) performance benefit.


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What are some wheel size and offset combinations that can be used on
200q20v's?  I know many folks are running 17"s on them, presumably in
something like a 7" to 8" width with around a 35mm offset?

How about some wheels larger than that, for example some 18x8.5"?  I'm
curious because the world of A4's and neu-S4's have a large selection of
used wheels to offer, and many of them are pretty large.  I wouldn't
want it to be cartoonish, but I do like the look of big wheels with low
profile tires.  I know they sometimes aren't practical or even optimal.
I just want to know what will fit.  This is for a non-ufo car, with


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