Radaitor replacement also

Chuck Pierce cpcycle at earthlink.net
Tue Mar 11 14:26:23 EST 2003

I also finished doing the R&R of the radiator this weekend. I spoke to
Scott Mockry when getting my radiator and he mentioned pulling the PS
pump to get it out of the way. I also pulled the fender well and the
bumper. In pulling the PS pump I was able to easily replace the two
small hoses under it. I also replaced the 1.8bar oil pressure switch, as
I have been harassed by the warning light coming on and beeping. Before
taking the car apart I trouble shot the after run operation as the fan
and pump would not come on and replaced the switch. I also replaced
lower radiator hose and radiator mounts. Since I had the convenience of
a spare car I was able to go through and clean everything. With the
bumper off I found the washer bottle sensor was broken and epoxied back
in place. I took my hydraulic supply line down a local hose and he
recrimped the fitting as it was seeping, we will see if this works. The
best part is the car no longer beeps at me. My family has named the car"
Beep" due the incessant beeping it was doing before the work. Next is
Euro lights (in stock), passenger door window, cruise control, locking
system (has a leak), spring for air vent and rear wiper. Plus I need to
get my 16" V8 wheels restored and mount some tires. With luck by the end
of summer I should have the car pretty well sorted out. Then may be
Mihnea's chip which I will of course buy  for the mileage gains he
claims, horsepower gains are secondary.

Thanks Again to everybody on the list that has answered to my questions

Chuck Pierce
 91 20v Avant

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