Cruse control fix

Reid, Les C. Les.Reid at
Wed Mar 12 08:07:15 EST 2003

There may have been a previous post on this but I have not seen one.

My cruse control and dimmer switch had not worked in several weeks (probably
months).  I bought a dimmer/turn switch off of ebay for $12 and replaced it
a couple weeks ago. Assuming a bad switch, expected the cruse control to
start working again. Unfortunately it did not.

The problem: All three wires were cut at the vacuum motor/pump.   The wires
were cut just beyond the hard protective plastic wire-sleeve.  What was
intended to protect the wires, actually had cut them.
I used cruse on the way to work today - all is well.

The Vac-motor is located behind the coolant reservoir tank.  It would have
been better to remove the tank but I did not want the mess. I was able to
make the repair by just un hooking the tank (leaving the hose connected) and
maneuver the motor out.  Not much room but it came out.

One more thing to check off the long (but shorter) list of things to fix.
Trying to get all things fixed by 200k miles (196k today, not much time

Les Reid

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