Gas Prices, thinking out loud...

Wed Mar 12 11:01:31 EST 2003

Since there doesn't seem to be much in the way of discussion from
the powers that be about fuel prices going up and up and up and
since you can only conserve so much on short notice I was just
thinking if the following idea might have some merit to just send
a message.  Part of what prompts this is the seemingly wild disparity
by as much as 70 cents a gallon in various parts of the country that
makes me think something is not Kosher.

Now that it seems the majority of "gas stations" serve everything
else from gourmet coffee to soda to lottery tickets and band-aids...
what if there was a national movement afoot to stop buying anything
but gasoline at your local filling station?  Sure, it might hurt a
lot of little guys, but it might hurt a lot of big guys too.  The
fish seems to stink from the head, but if you start sticking forks
in the tail might this be an interesting way to at least show some
distaste for the catch of the day?  Lots of ways to look at this...
You could actually wind up paying more for gas I suppose as the stations
were trying to figure out how to pay the bills...

Of course, you'd need to present a solid argument for
doing it, but hell, you folks are smaht.  Maybe you just do it for the
month of April to show what can happen when folks pull together.

Thoughts?  If you don't want to clutter the list, send responses to
me directly (maybe not a bad idea).  I'm imagining that 100 people from
two lists mailing the idea to 20 people on their personal mailing lists
could snowball this idea toute suite.  If half the people on the these
two lists participated (assuming 200 members) Three generations of letters
from these two lists alone could generate in excess of 800,000 e-mails

I know of a college that was getting a hard time from the locals in town and
the college decided to do something about it.  Everyone agreed to take
their bi-weekly pay for one pay period in silver dollars and spend the
money in cash locally as much as they could.  Soon the town was flooded
with silver dollars and the merchants realized that if the college were
shut down that all those silver dollars would disappear from their coffers.
That was the end of the "shut down the college it's ruining our town" talk.
This might have the same effect in a sort of twisted reverse logic.

Maybe I'm misguided.  Happens all the time.

Royal aka 16RoT (paying $1.82 to $1.88 for hi-test around here)

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