Gas prices

Chuck Pierce cpcycle at
Wed Mar 12 13:51:53 EST 2003

It never seems to amaze me that people want ot protest something and the
small business person gets the squeeze put on them. If you are do
something like this do your home work and strike the company stores, not
the small guy. They probably are not getting rich doing what they do and
do not need a bunch of people protesting the gas prices by boycotting
the one real thing they make money on. It amazes me that some people can
say" that there will be some pain for the little guy" and forget that
little guy has to pay his bills and support his family. Realize this
person will cut help and work more hours to stay solvent.
Sorry for the rant but the little guy always get the screw job in
something like this. The big guy buffers it.

Chuck Pierce
20v Avant slowly getting sorted out
Paying $2.23 p/gal in Calif. the land of special gas
What I would give for $1.89

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