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Just Food for thought:
We (Northern New England) pay some of the cheaper prices in the country
except for SC/Georgia.
What catches my eye is the "proud" boasting from Hess or -IRVING- and similar
companies who claim that their crude comes from Canada or other NON-Middle
eastern countries Vs. Exxon/Mobil, Shell etc.

Then they only beat the street competition (the majors) by a cent or two.
So I ask Who's gouging who?
I liked the letter posting on the Main Street Concord, NH Hess and thought
that Irving was a close second in the Buy from us, were not middle east
dependent - implying that's why their cheaper.

But I though about it and really felt that their prices should reflect that
by 10 cents or so not a penny.
Either way the Europeans and the Candaian Liter purchasers aren't gonna feel
for our pump prices.......
Hmmmmmmmmm. -Scott in BOSTON buying 87 octane.

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> Now that it seems the majority of "gas stations" serve everything
> else from gourmet coffee to soda to lottery tickets and band-aids...
> what if there was a national movement afoot to stop buying anything
> but gasoline at your local filling station?  Sure, it might hurt a
> lot of little guys, but it might hurt a lot of big guys too.  The
> fish seems to stink from the head, but if you start sticking forks
> in the tail might this be an interesting way to at least show some
> distaste for the catch of the day?  Lots of ways to look at this...
> You could actually wind up paying more for gas I suppose as the stations
> were trying to figure out how to pay the bills...
> Of course, you'd need to present a solid argument for
> doing it, but hell, you folks are smaht.  Maybe you just do it for the
> month of April to show what can happen when folks pull together.

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