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Last summer I ordered a replacement radiator and also the coolant hose set
for my '91 100 from Blau.  No problems, just a few extra hoses,  hose
clamps, etc.  I did not compare prices against dealer, assuming the usual
price spread.

However, On another order from Blau, I made an assumption that their
Lloyd's replacement mats were as described in their catalogs and website.
Not True!  They neither have the quattro lettering, nor an Audi logo, nor
the holes for the pegs, as described.  And they are $109 from Blau, versus
$90 from the Audi parts dealer.

'91 200 20v tq Avant
'91 100 10v quattro

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recently I bought some stuff from Rod at TPC (good man, that Rod!)  anyway,
it appears that several parts he listed as Dealer Only are available
through Blaufergnugen.  What's the 20V List consensus on Blau?  I'm mostly
interested in radiator hoses (pretty much all of them) and bushings.   I'm
assuming he has better pricing than dealers.  Any experiences
appreciated--good and bad....



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