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Thu Mar 13 09:47:03 EST 2003

I just went through this.  The hoses Rod can't get are actually cheap.  I
think there were no more then two or three.  Unless you REALLY loath your
delaer, it is hardly worth ordering them from BLAU.  If I remember right,
the hoses cost me $15.00 and the shipping was about $7.00 (I bought mine
from Carlsen).

Shayne P.

Oakland, CA.

Tons 'o German junk.

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> Greetings-
> recently I bought some stuff from Rod at TPC (good man, that Rod!)  anyway, it
> appears that several parts he listed as Dealer Only are available through
> Blaufergnugen.  What's the 20V List consensus on Blau?  I'm mostly interested
> in radiator hoses (pretty much all of them) and bushings.   I'm assuming he
> has better pricing than dealers.  Any experiences appreciated--good and
> bad....
> Thanks-
> Brandon
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