Gas Prices

Thu Mar 13 10:13:13 EST 2003

>>If you are do something like this do your home work and strike the company stores, not
>>the small guy. They probably are not getting rich doing what they do and do not need a bunch of
>>people protesting the gas prices by boycotting the one real thing they make money on.

I agree, to a point.  I was thinking more about the law of large numbers where
when a whole bunch of "little guys" get a bit squeezed they start to make noise
via their associations (Independant gas station owners frequently belong to such

>>It amazes me that some people can say" that there will be some pain for the little guy" and
>>forget that little guy has to pay his bills and support his family. Realize this person will cut
>>help and work more hours to stay solvent.

Don't be amazed.  If your amazement is directed at me I never forget about the little guy and what
he's doing.  This "little guy" in this case has tied his living to the sale of a commodity that
presents certain risks.  Welcome to the world little guy.  I don't mean to be flip and I applaud
your suggestion that people do their local research, but don't assume that it hadn't been given some
thought.  I wasn't suggesting a plan yet, only comment.  Take a look at who owns the majority of
"gas stations" now in many parts of the country and you'll see that asking a few questions about the
ownership of your local filling joints could also yield the benefit of doing more actual gasoline
business with the non-corporate little guy.  Done properly, a boycott of Reese's pieces and Coffee
at the pump could yield a bonanza for the independant owner operator. He'll not only sell more gas
but is likely to increase his share of the "candy counter." Thanks.

-Royal aka 16RoT

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