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<<(good man, that Rod!)>>

I must agree 100% Brandon.  He is always willing to go the extra mile.

You could also try Dave or Nathan at German Parts and Restoration.  I have
ordered lots of VW, Audi and Porsche parts from them (mostly before I found
Rod or when he is out of stock on something).  I think I got a few hoses for
the 20v 3-4 years ago when I changed all mine. Also, there is a dealer
(Carlson I think) that has at times shipped dealer parts to me cheaper than
I can buy them at my local dealer.

As for Blau, my only advice to you is to "STAY AWAY FROM BLAU".
Continue reading if you care to know why.

It all started out simple enough. I had just bought a used set of euro
lights from my buddy which had one missing side reflector.  Of course I
checked with Rod, but TPC does not carry those (or was out of stock, I don't
remember) so I tried Blau for the first time by ordering this reflector.

When I opened the nice yellow Bosch box (I love a nice new bosch box and
part), I found the reflector had no bracket attached. There wasn't even a
fragment of plastic in the box which would indicate shipping damage, it was
just the side reflector with no bracket.  Well of course with no way to
attach the reflector to the headlight, and $50 + $10 shipping in the hole, I
was concerned.

After calling and being told that this scenario was impossible, as all boxes
coming from Blau are hand inspected and this box I was told, was hand
inspected by Mr. Blau himself, they told me to send it back anyway (another
$5 in shipping) and they would take a look and see what they could do for
me. So I did.

A few weeks later I got a 3 page letter from Mr. Blau citing in detail (I
will paraphrase here) that the reflector had been polished and doctored to
appear new but was in fact not a "new from Bosch" reflector.  He said (as I
understand the English language) that because of their high level of quality
assurance there was no way this mistake could have been made at their end
and that not only would he not give me any assistance or credit for
receiving this bogus part, he insinuated that I was dishonest and trying to
pull a fast one and that I need not bother calling them as he would not
discuss the matter further.

Needless to say I was livid.  I cannot remember a time in my life when I
felt more disgust and rage than what I felt toward this man at that time.

Sure I hoped they would figure out how a customer could have this shipped to
them (a recent accepted return of the same part, maybe a dishonest employee
with a type 44, I don't know...but there must have been a logical
explanation) and send me a replacement free of charge. At the very worst I
expected an apologetic version of "your SOL". Maybe a token 10% discount on
the reorder of the same part. But instead I got what I believe to be "you're
a big fat crook, go to H***".

So after a month or so from my first Blau order, I found myself VERY upset,
$65 poorer and still holding a euro light with no reflector.  I don't have
to tell you that I would NEVER EVER send another dime to that establishment.

I had decided to take the high road and not blast the lists with my
dissatisfaction and disgust, but then Brandon asked.

Good luck,

Steve Hauptmann
South Carolina

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recently I bought some stuff from Rod at TPC (good man, that Rod!)  anyway,
it appears that several parts he listed as Dealer Only are available through
Blaufergnugen.  What's the 20V List consensus on Blau?  I'm mostly
interested in radiator hoses (pretty much all of them) and bushings.   I'm
assuming he has better pricing than dealers.  Any experiences
appreciated--good and bad....



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