Timing belt preperation

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Thu Mar 13 14:29:34 EST 2003

At 10:21 AM -0800 3/13/03, Bernie Benz wrote:
>  > From: joe smith <mtnbikguy2002 at yahoo.com>
>  >
>>  I'm going to be doing my T-belt in the next couple of
>  > weeks.

>Keep track of TDC.  Loosen the crank and cam bolts before removing the TB
>such that you do not loose relative timing between cams and crank.
>The R&R is a real jig saw puzzle of trial and error as to what goes on first
>and relative tightining order.

>  >
>>  Thanks,
>>  Joe
>>  91-200TQ sedan
>  > 101K

>A pretty low mileage to be changing a TB, IMO, if WP and idler bearing are

You must be assuming that Joe is planning the _second_ TB change on
his 101Kmile Audi, right? Surely even _you_ wouldn't consider a 101
kmile *interval* as being "a pretty low mileage" for the very first
TB service...would you?

And a question for Joe: Is this going to be the 1st or the 2nd TB
service on your car? If the latter, I'd tend to agree with Bernie.


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