sudden new problems

Gordy_Schesel at Gordy_Schesel at
Thu Mar 13 17:07:11 EST 2003

On super-bowl Sunday, my front grill had a small altercation with the
trailer hitch on the back end of an SUV.

It was a bad weather day because of double digit below zero temperatures.
I was running an errand in the afternoon, negotiating a busy freeway
intersection near our local shopping mall.  I did not see that traffic
ahead of me had jammed up behind a red light.  Together, the bright sun in
my eyes, looking through a dirty windshield, and reduced stopping ability
due to "black ice", and not paying close enough attention, all caused what
we all dread?auto accident.

Luckily, there were no injuries (very low speed).  The other guy had no
damage.  I had broken plastic grill parts, and hard parts behind the grill
were messed up and pushed rearwards.

While at bodyshop:
   ignition lock cylinder broke (body shop ate the cost and did the
   replacement) during sub-zero cold spell, now i have new cylinder with 2
   new keys that do not fit the doors.  Must I remove ignition lock
   cylinder again and have it rekeyed to match the old one, which I still
   central locking system does not work in driver's side rear door?
   symptoms: very sluggish lock/unlock operation on other 3 doors.
   "antilock off" dash light stays on regardless of position of antilock
   off  push-button switch next to seat heater thumbwheel control

'91 200 20v tq avant, pearl, 103k miles
'91 100 quattro sedan, 193k miles

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